Predictive processing

Predictive processing is an umbrella term used in Andy Clark’s 2013 influential paper for what could be a unifying picture of how the mind and brain work, based on the notions of predictive coding, Bayesian brain, or the free energy principle.

At any rate, it is well established that prediction is one of the most important things that the brain does. I am interested in this whole area in general and in the influence of action-effect prediction on (self)perception in particular.

Hierarchical message passing in the brain. From: Friston, 2010, Nature Reviews Neuroscience

I have created some reading notes / introductory slides:

Predictive Processing: A New Paradigm for Cognitive Science(s)? (In English)

Prediktivní zpracování: Nové paradigma kognitivních věd? (In Czech)

Bayes and the Brain: Friston’s Free Energy Principle (A bit outdated, also includes other things like intro to information theory, Bayes factors..)